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Careers at Synch Solutions

Creating a dynamic and conducive environment is imperative for bolstering growth in an organisation. At Synch Solutions our culture supports not only the work that we do, but also our people. We have been able to deliver leading-edge solutions consistently to our clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative and collaborative environment.

From the outset, SynchSolutions has grown on the strength of its people and its high performance orientation. Delivering unique value to our customers, driving growth and managing our business efficiently have been the result of extraordinary teamwork demonstrated by Synch Solutions worldwide. Led by an Executive Leadership team committed to induce sustainable growth and build long term value, we have been able to foster a dynamic and enriching environment. This, in turn, has motivated Synch Solutions to provide best-in-class services and develop innovative solutions to address some of our customers’ most pressing business issues.

Banking & Capital Markets

The economic events of the recent past have resulted in a significant shift in many aspects of the banking and capital markets domain. Our deep roots in financial services help us understand the new pain points and key success factors for our clients. Our domain-focused offerings are aligned to help our clients meet their business and technology goals in this demanding environment.


Insurance companies face several challenges like industry consolidation, regulatory pressures, shrinking margins, and along with that, demands from shareholders and stakeholders are quite high to stay competitive. In order to stay competitive, they need to transform their processes and operations, improve profitability, reduce cost and meet the ever growing need for improved customer service.

Communications, Media & Entertainment

Our innovative and custom-focused solutions help wireline, wireless, broadband and cable service providers redefine their markets with solutions that help them become more agile, reduce fixed operations cost, and introduce next generation services. Our instant access to industry solutions, best in breed technology and resources that know your business well are some differentiators that will set you apart from your competitors.


Synch Solutions provides manufacturing solutions that are dynamic to respond to the emerging trends and demands of our clientele. It spans across Automotive, Hi Tech, Industrial, Aerospace as verticals and Product Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing Execution System, Embedded Systems and Mobility as horizontals. With over 10 years of global delivery experience, SynchSolutions provides a unique proposition to align manufacturing to the strategy of your organization.

Transportation & Logistics

Synch Solutions brings in strong domain knowledge in the Transportation and Logistics industry through our strong experience in Applications, Business Processes, and Infrastructure services. Our solutions cater to Freight, Logistics & Rail, Airlines and Travel and Hospitality.


We help governments become more agile in delivering citizen-centric services and superior public value. We provide support to state, local, and provincial governments and enable them to use information technology (IT) to meet new and evolving challenges.

Our Services

Government Health and Family Services

We help public health and family services providers upgrade their IT capabilities and manage costs while maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations. We leverage our expertise to help our clients lower total program costs while increasing the effectiveness, performance, and quality of care provided to recipients. We provide services to US health insurance program, aimed at individuals and families with specific eligibility criteria. We process claims based on eligibility and settle claims through the system.

Homeland Security and Public Safety Services

We offer government innovative Enterprise Virtual Operations Center capabilities. Our solutions allow governments to share information across multiple agencies and levels swiftly and securely in a virtual environment during times of threat and crisis.

IT Outsourcing/Enterprise-Wide Solutions

We deploy and manage complex, large-scale government IT programs by delivering state-of-the-art networking solutions that provide secure, universal access to information. Our end-to-end solutions for governments improve performance across the enterprise, boosting efficiency, increasing service quality, and often reducing costs.

E-Government Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions in E-Government. We deliver everything from new electronic licensing, permitting, and smart ticketing solutions to secure electronic data storage and wireless transactions. We promote information sharing and protect citizen privacy through our services. We develop applications for social welfare pension schemes, employment pensions and children support schemes in multiple technologies right from legacy and also provide testing support to the developed applications. We provide complete suit of Business Intelligence services for huge government data warehouse platforms.

By eliminating boundaries, collaborating in new ways, and continually seeking improvement, we help governments at all levels connect, protect, and serve citizens better than ever before.

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